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    Ace Rossi

    It’s bad enough to return to enduro kart racing to find that the entries are down in numbers at most tracks, and lots of racers I once knew have sold out due to various reasons such as age, health, finances, etc. and the fact that there’s hardly any racing in the south probably doesn’t help the hobby either but then, to hear fellow racers being ripped off by another racer just makes me friggin mad as hell. Yes this same racer ripped me a new ass right when I was returning and took his word as the truth only to find out, he’s a scammer. I got ridiculed for telling my story of how he single handidly lied and ruined a product that had to be re-done locally at twice the cost that I gave him. NOW there are others that he has played the same game with. We’re not talking chump change. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Why must one man go this far to hurt a hobby that is already struggling. It’s no wonder people get out when there’s a guy like this treating others this way, and all for the money!

    Im shaking my head in disbelief that the Karting organizations don’t have some sort of compliance that one must pass before selling a product or products in this sport.

    Unbelievable that this guy can have followers that continue to do business with him after he rips off their racing friends.

    And you have to ask why tracks and racers are hard to find?



    Alan Michel

    wow.  name ? what shop?


    Kelly Read

    I’m not askn you to post the name on here but would you mind sending me a PM??



    Robert Lawson



    I’m not promoting a $hit fest here but if there is any truth to these accusations you need to help others to not make the same mistake.

    Sorry you had a bad experience bro!




    Ace Rossi

    Robert I’m telling you like the other guys that have written me, I don’t candy coat nothing. I divorced a liar and I don’t lie! If you want facts send me a pm.

    This most recent scam ripoff didn’t involve me but i was notified by others that they got a raw deal as I did in the past.

    People DO talk and business deals like these does NOT help the hobby.

    This is where I feel the Karting organizations need to step in and mandate how business’s are run and who IS and ISNT a legitimate business. Just because you have a business name doesn’t make you a business.


    Ace Rossi


    SOOO many pm’s yesterday and all day today! I’m glad people are curious. Maybe something will be done to curb or even eliminate this so called wannabe bussiness person that cost those racers that ARE left.


    Ric mcDade

    With you a 100% on this Ace, maybe 200


    Kelly Read

    I don’t like getn the shaft either (been there done that over my many years in karting) BUT, there are always 2 sides (even more at times) to a story. I’m not here to pick sides as there is no one here or even the people involved that I am BEST friends with!!!!

    I took it upon myself to look into this and after talking to several people including reading some texts that went back and forth (including some who have posted on here), there is more to this then what it sounds to be from the original post. Not saying that some things are not right from what I found out but, there is more to the story!!!! Without making some people look bad, I will just leave at that.

    I will say that rather it’s myself or whoever, I don’t believe this is the place to discuss things like this here or on any forum (my opinion only). Tell your friends, fellow racers, etc, but here??


    Ron Lax


    I am another one of those who got hosed.  Thanks for posting….

    ps: how was the helmet deal I sent ya???  Pleasure doing business with ya!

    **Am I one of the “goodguys”????

    ALSO, i have LOTS 7of laydown goodies for sale, Horstman clutchparts(oem)…7sweet motors…margay twin…1990margay single…

    Ives chrome HD kartlift….tons of carbs…no junk…

    Buller/ Manning TT75 reed that is excellent/fast lowbore.

    Digital rotary encoder for 2/4cycle degreeing…  CC BURETTE/stand.    head cc plates…

    tons more…..





Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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