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    Ian Krueger

    Sorry if this isn’t the right place to put this, but I figured I’d shoot in the dark. I’m in the market for an SMC axle clutch, I know they are hard to find used but I’m not looking forward to investing into the new Horstman one, as I do have a tight budget. If anyone here is getting rid of an SMC axle clutch, as long as it has all the parts aside from the friction discs, I would be interested in buying one. I was looking for something around 500$ range, but yeah thanks for atleast giving this a read!


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    Mike Peters

    You probably wont save too much buying one used unless you find a fantastic deal. I bought 3 used ones & by the time I rebuilt them I had more money in each one of  them than the target price of the new Horstman.  But Good luck anyway.  You might try the “Wanted to buy” section of the classified.

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    Cliff Brannon

    John Copeland at Foxvalley has one for sale.

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    Ian Krueger

    thanks guys

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      Kelly Read


      If your looking for a Horstman, I have 3 left that are 1 1/4″. All fresh. 2 with external adjusters.

      Need more info, contact me at 316-218-3645.

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    Ian Krueger

    Thanks Kelly but, I actually spoke with John at Foxvalley and I was able to snag the SMC. Thanks everyone for the replies, great help :)

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    Christopher Ragan

    Buy Kelly’s clutches! They’re GOOD.

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    Ian Krueger

    weirdly enough, the main reason i went with specifically the SMC is because i found a set of springs and weights for it wehad in our attic a looong time ago, so i just went with that haha. but I did end up finding one but thank you for the offer anyhow!

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