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    Bob Spedding

    I have been looking on line and cant seem to find anything that says anything about weight distribution.  I was hoping to find something that said how much weight should be at the front and how much should be at the back. Like 47% to the front and 53% to the rear or something.

    Thanks and look forward to your help.

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    TJ Koyen

    Generally, we shoot for 41-43% front weight on all our karts.

    A taller driver will be able to work with less front weight since they can rotate the kart with their body. A smaller driver needs more front weight to compensate for lack of transferrable body weight in the seat to “tip” the kart and rotate it.

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    Bob Spedding

    Thanks. My son is about 5’8″ inches tall and about 160lbs. Do you still think that he should have between 41-43% front weight?? Thank you and do you know if there is any documentation online that will show me this?  Just trying to understand as much as I can.


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    Gary Lawson

    I would be closer to 44 if it is low hp like s can

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    TJ Koyen

    +1 to Gary’s comment. I tend to think in terms of TaG weight/power. For Yamaha it’s slightly different and higher front weight is usually needed.

    If you don’t already have the Arrow Tuning Manual, I’d recommend looking at that. It’s got a ton of great information in it.


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