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    Bob Baldwin

    I was looking to see if there was any dealers /Importers that are bring into the USA more than one product line . i do realize that companies like CRG and Tony make more than one brand of kart

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    Tim Koyen

    If you mean more than one chassis brand, I can’t think of any, but I suppose they could.  There are plenty that import one, but also distribute others.  Then there are those that import multiple lines, like maybe a kart line, and a seat line, and perhaps a bodywork line.

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    Bob Baldwin

    tim : I was referencing  Kart line Only Sorry for my posting should have worded it better

    My reason for posting was that a guy Has been contacting me wanting to know if I could find out if there is any interest by anyone to add his Kart line to to their list of products handled ..

    I am NOT in the Karting business nor am I considering it but I figured I would post it and see if there were any responses .

    The guy is Martin Hetschel that owns and MFG: Mach 1 karts in Germany .

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    He is looking for an importer as I emailed them looking to try his chassis. A few years ago a guy in ALBQ NM was the importer and I was able to try out a kart while visiting family.. I wonder what happened.  I know the track was bought by a new owner..


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