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    Ben Lewis

    I’m trying to start up some interest in bringing shifters to Stockton CA for their club races in 2017. Yes, I know there are more shifter friendly tracks in the bay but I was quite disappointed to be the ONLY shifter at the last club race. The reason I’m doing Stockton club races is cost and ease. We are run in the ‘open class’ so it is less strict and cost effective. My goal is to have fun and have a little competition. However it’s not as fun or competitive when you’re by yourself!

    125’s,  80’s …whatever you’ve got collecting dust. Take the winter to get things freshened up and ready for spring. Do some google, find their website (I can’t promote) and see if it interests you. Even if you only show up for 1 or 2 races that’s great! The schedule for 2017 is not up yet but there is still good info out there. If you’ve been thinking about racing this is a good start.

    PLEASE NOTE: make sure that you are following WKA and track rules, you still need to be teched and safe in operation. Please do some research and make sure you have a race ready kart. If we all show up rude and unprepared it will be pointless and hurt the class. Please comment I hope we can get a discussion going and get questions answered. Thanks!

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