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    Charles Stuart

    My kart would not start over the weekend with the onboard starter. It started just fine with the external starter. When you pushed the start button, it usually did nothing, but occasionally you could get a pulse out of the starter and then you would get nothing again.

    I checked it with a multimeter this morning and verified that power was getting to the starter when the button was pressed, I also check ground continuity which was good. So I took the starter off the engine and tried it that way, again it pulsed once then quit working. The bendix gears moved freely.

    So I’m thinking there might be an open in the brushes? Maybe when the starter spins it forces it open then if I’m lucky after a while is closes just enough again to pulse again? Does that sound right/plausible or is this something else?


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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    Please trust me on this, get an external starter and be done with it.  I know the on boards are very convenient, BUT!!!  Change bushes, change starters, etc.  But sooner or later it will bite you in the butt at race time.  Been there, done that!  Get a Coleman, and you’re good to go!  Period!

    Clark Sr.

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    Roberto Perez

    +1 on the external starter…………  

    However, if you have the cash/talent to throw around, you can replace your brushes as needed.. 

    I will stick with the external ..


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    tony zambos

    At this point, what have you got to loose by removing and opening up the starter?  The armature could be bad, but most often it’s a broken brush.  If you have 12 volts at the starter when the button is pressed, you have an open circuit in the starter.  Can’t argue the point of an external starter.  You’ll never miss the start of a race with one. But having the on-board is nice if you ever spin.


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    Ivan Duarte

    Fix the starter (again) and never use it again unless you’re stranded on-track. Every other time use an external starter, that’s why they call hem TAG “Touch-And-Grab” your external starter that is.

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    Charles Stuart

    Thanks guys I have new brushes on order. I do have an external but I’d like to have the starter working for the reasons already mentioned.

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    Dan Haynes

    I know lots of people have had issues with the onboard starters sbut in 4 years of racing TaG we used the onboard about 98% of the time and only had 2 starter failures. I had a very wise man (Joe Woronka…JW) show me how to rebuild them and to add a little silicone in the right places. But still a good idea to have an external handy cause you never know when they will fail.

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    Juan David Gomez

    I’ve rebuild many starters but since adding silicone to the brush wires after installed haven’t had to rebuild one for a couple of years.

    Now the only problem I have when starting is when the crappy radio shack battery dies.

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    tony zambos

    if you must have an external starter, there is one being sold on the formun.



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    Gary Atkinson

    My 2 cents

    I have seen this issue multiple times on the forums.

    I have a PRD and from what I understand it is the same starter as the Leopard. I had starting issues that was on going. I took the starter apart to replace the brushes. Instead I soldered and RTV’d the brush assembly. That was over a year ago. Vroom Vroom!!! Starts every time. Maybe I was lucky, but it worked and I didnt have to spend the money on a external or a new starter.

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    Dan Haynes

    We always had a spare onboard starter ready to go in the event ours failed. Much quicker swapping the starter than replacing the brushes in between rounds. But like I said, we only had 2 failures. I’m sure if we didn’t have the spare we would have inevitably had many more failures…Murphy’s Law!

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