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    Eric Alexander

    I’m looking to get more rear grip out of my CRG Kalifornia.  Oddly enough, I’ve never used addition seat stays.  So, I’d like some advice for adding stays.

    – There seems to be hundreds of shapes and sizes.  Seems it would be as easy as finding the best fit, but no one stocks all the variations.  So how do you guys go about picking the right one?

    – Tricks or tips for attachment points (I’m running Rotax, so it seems the engine-side stay must be tricky to connect the seat to the bearing carrier)?

    – Preferred carrier attachment point?

    – Adjustable stays seem like a good idea, but are they really a good idea?  Plus how would you fit an adjustable stay on the Rotax engine side?

    Like I said I’ve never used additional stays.  Can I expect a significant increase in rear bite from adding stays?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Kirk Towles

    On our OTK kart we use 2 standard struts on the left and 1 purpose built bent OTK strut on the engine side (it has 2 attachment points on the carrier and seat). It clears the exhaust nicely. I mount them on the carrier at the top of the axle and the next point just ahead of the axle and then towards the top of the seat. It creates more side bite allowing the inside rear to lift better and rotate thru the corner rather than sliding the rear thru the corner.

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    Eric Alexander

    Thanks Kirk.  Nice to hear the benefit.  Sliding the rear through the corners is exactly what I’m trying to resolve.

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    Tim Koyen

    I would second what Kirk said.  We did exactly the same thing when we ran OTK.  Its pretty challenging with the Rotax, but it can be done.  The adjustable strut that bolts into the side of the bearing cassette fits pretty nice, but they break too easily.  Need to watch them closely.

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