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    Mads Gravsen

    so i have been karting for a few years in the EU and particularly Denmark. and having won the danish x30 championship and finishing well at events like the world final in France, i would same i have a bit of experience.

    now my question is, what series and engine manufacturers are the most predominant in the US? and how different are they, because as i understand engines like KF and OK aren’t nearly as wide spread?

    thanks in advance :)

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    Peter Zambos

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Of the single gear 125cc engines, the X30 is one of the more common. Being that the U.S. is so vast, it rather depends to what region you’re migrating. But yeah, KF/OK don’t really have a home here.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The big hitters series-wise are USPKS, W.K.A. Manufacters’ Cup, and SKUSA. There are also many regional series.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Do you know where is the States you’re heading?</p>

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    Mads Gravsen

    alright, those are the series i have been looking at aswell.

    I will be moving to California, but driving to location shouldn’t be an issue. on the note of Regional championships, what is the competition level like in those?

    another thing; moving up from karts, in the EU you would typically move to formula ford or formula 4. what would be the US equivalent ? F2000, formula lites or pro mazda?

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    Mike Clark

    This may be an option for you:


    They have and F4 program and are into X30’s as well. They have a close association with: http://ogdenusa.com/   as that is Jays dad.

    I have met Jay and know guys that deal with MDD. I mainly deal with one of Jay employees Joe Hidalgo and I am happy with experience. I can say Jay does have a range of experience from karts on up to Indy Cars. Matter of fact Jay is slated to run in this years Indy 500. Jay is running the kart racing program here in NewOrleans @ Nola Motorsports Park. I do feel that it is safe to say many of us feel lucky to have Jay and Joe here as an asset.

    Home 2016


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    Mads Gravsen

    that’s a very interesting prospect Mike, looks like something that would be right for me. do you know anything about the program like how much involvement they provide to a season? and how frequently they engage in new drivers?

    additionally i haven’t heard much of F4 in the US, has the US series just launched, or have i been living under a rock?

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    Mike Clark

    I have not really talked about the amount of involvement or any of how they select drivers.

    F4 is pretty new here. 1st year was last year.

    My dealings with Joe have been very straight forward. I am somewhat new to karting and consider myself a rookie. Most of my dealings with Jay have been observing him dealing with others near me.

    I am sure if you contact them they will tell you how things work.

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    Mads Gravsen

    alright thanks a lot mike and peter.

    i probably won’t contact anyone just yet considering i wont be moving till 2019, but i will definitely keep an eye on it.

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    Xander Clements

    Hey Mads,

    California is actually a great spot for karting in the country right now. It is the heartland of SKUSA, which is currently our largest series and the closest thing we have to a true “national” championship, which is the SKUSA Pro Tour. It has 3 races across the country along with the SuperNationals in Las Vegas, Nevada, each year.

    Also in California is the SKUSA California ProKart Challenge, which is SKUSA’s largest regional program. Most of the clubs run the same class structure and tire as SKUSA now and the regional series in California is on-par with the other series in the country (USPKS, WKA Manufacturers Cup) in terms of competition – the Top 10 in ProKart are Top 20 in Pro Tour. 25-30 kart fields.


    All of the series I’ve listed are X30. IAME has a stronghold in the country, Rok is gaining some ground, and Rotax is losing some ground.

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    Mads Gravsen

    that sounds really encouraging Xander, so SKUSA is the largest organizer of karting events in the US, and they have regional championships all over the country?

    And is there somewhere to find the technical specification for the series?

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    Xander Clements

    SKUSA is the biggest sanctioning body/touring series, but it does not nearly have the overall control. They have Texas and California at the moment, but there are quite a few IAME series in other regions of the country that run the exact same single-speed class specs. (X30 Senior, X30 Junior, Mini Swift, Micro Swift).


    The SKUSA rulebook can be found on their website at http://www.superkartsusa.com/

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    Mads Gravsen

    okay, thanks a lot Xander

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