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    Ronnie Swyers

    First time posting in probably 15 years on a karting website so hang with me on terminology here gang. Long time motorsports guy and past experienced karter, just been out of the kart racing for many years. I purchased an ItalKart with a TM-K9b out of the Valiante camp about 4 years ago just for some fun. I figured that since there was no class for the ICC to run here in the NW…It would keep me from racing again, saving money (funny). It has worked so far pretty well.

    Looking for some advise on a TM-K9b. I have one that is in need of a rebuild, at least a rod bearing piston etc. Here in the NW there isn’t much of a market for these motors from what I gather. My question is, is it even worth rebuilding at $1000 minimum or just setting it on a shelf for good looks. Do I part the motor out and get what I can or spend $1000 to get $2000 or whatever the value is on that package. What is the package worth these days?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Glenn L Riggs

    In the midwest where I am the icc is doing well. Also doing well on east coast. Dont know what they are doing for that kind of money but if hasnt been blown up can be rebuilt for about 500 dollars. In need of a rebuild I would guess it would be worth 1200 to 1400 dollars fresh would guess around 2000 just my opinion as new engines are in the 5 grand area or more depending where it comes from. Need any info just drop me a line be glad to help.

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    Ronnie Swyers

    Thanks Glenn…ya $1k may have been overstated, that’s what it was a few years ago…but it needed a rod as well and a few other things. This time may be different…have not got totally in to it yet to see. The fact that I came from a Honda back when I ran SKUSA (1998-2002) where everything was close to 1/2 the cost, and still is, is just sticker shock every time I need something..

    Thanks again.

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    Walt Gifford

    The trouble with rebuilding it for sale is finding someone that believes you did it. All the new parts are on the inside.

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