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    If you are looking for the most advanced and flexible data acquisition system on the market I am selling more than $3,000 worth of stuff for less than a third the price.

    There is way too much to explain, all details can be found here: http://rlcracing.com/micro-pod-lite-pro-x.htm

    Essentially this system is based on a color touch display running Windows and it can be programmed by mouse/keyboard or by the touch screen.

    It can basically work with any analog sensor and is VERY easy to program. I had my system hooked up up with the following sensors:

    WiFi-racing, basically your mechanic will get all sensor and lap times sent directly to his iPhone/iPad/iPod
    Automatic start/stop of GoPro camera (perfectly synced video/data)
    Water Temp
    Infrared track Temp
    Infrared tire Temp (all tires)
    GPS (Lap times and driven line)
    3-axis accelerometer (already included in the dash)
    Brake Pressure
    Wireless throttle position sensor (AIM)
    Power Valve Sensor (AIM)
    The possibilities are endless… This system is capable of the same as much more expensive systems that you will find in race cars.

    Here is what I’m selling:

    1x Micro Pod, paid $1000 (only needs GPS antenna to be fully functional)
    1x brake pressure sensor, paid $229
    2x H2O Temperature sensor, paid $59.95 each
    2x rpm sensor, paid $109 each
    2x IR tire/track temperature sensor, paid $150 each
    1x string throttle position sensor, paid $389
    1x DAXC 822 Data Acquisition Channel Expander, paid $1095

    Asking $900 (for all)

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