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    I’m not usually one to yell at my driver on the sidelines and give them hand signals and what not. That may be due to the fact that there’s not often a tight ‘battle’ situation getting my inner cheerleader going or the fact that I recognize they can’t hear me anyway. Either way, it happened at Adams. Matt was running really well and he qualified third so I was stoked, to say the least.  It was Heat 1 and I was watching from up in the tower so I could see the whole track. I am still trying to figure out if that was beneficial to my heart or not, some of those areas get sketchy! Anyway, he was leading the way with 3-4 karts behind him for ¾ of the heat. He looked cool as a cucumber but I was a wreck up in the tower! I couldn’t stand still, I was jumping up and down (bad move, that thing is rickety), I was yelling at Matt very sternly every time he shifted or turned a corner. The incident with kart 77 got me! I thought he was done at that point but he held it together in True Racer style and pushed on. I didn’t even notice the 105* weather anymore! I was so incredibly proud of him for holding it together with all those guys trying to get past him for the majority of the race. I shouldn’t be surprised since Matt does well under pressure (thank you Marine Corps) but watching from the outside was torturous! Nice racing fellow S3ers!

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