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    Josh Herman

    Hey all,


    PICTURE:  http://postimg.org/image/rxmsw1bj3/

    I’m new to the community, not new to racing though.  I’m Josh Herman.  I race a 125cc yz 125 Top Kart, but I ran into some issues quite some time back.  I ran the kart at Adams Kart Track a few times and it ran great.  I noticed though that nearing the end of our day at Adams my motor would sound sorta choked up while revving high, it’s hard to explain, but it just didn’t sound correct.  Also to note, that my motor always has fell flat on it’s face bogging when I push the accellerator too far too quick.


    Next session at Cal Speed everything was running cool aside from the chokey sound while under high RPM, but on about my 13th lap of the 2nd round out my kart just started stuttering and spitting to a halt on the backside.  Thought it was fuel,  or maybe something was plugged in the carborator, but to no avail it wasn’t the problem.


    Things i’ve done:

    Cleaned carb

    Changed fuel filter

    Changed coil

    Changed spark plug


    It’s intresting to note also that I do have spark, but it seems like only halfway which leads me to believe that is why the motor stutters and spits.  When somebody pushes me it doesn’t ever kick on just keeps splattering until they stop then it comes to a halt.  After a few months of not knowing I took off the stator cover to find my (Magneto?) I believe to be cracked, so I think that’s the problem with only some spark.

    I have no clue as to where to get this part, but I’ve seen em on ebay just not one to match with the number on mine.  Are these interchangeable by years or how do they work?  Any help and direction would be great because I can’t afford to buy a new motor, but I really wanna get some tracktime and it’s been way too long as it is.  Thanks again,




    PICTURE: http://postimg.org/image/rxmsw1bj3/

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    William Martin

    Not to be a spoilsport, but you should not run that thing until it’s repaired…it could take your elbow off if it were to finish destroying itself at high rpm!


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    Josh Herman

    I’m definitely not I actually found the generator.  I’ll be installing tomorrow

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