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    Hi, guys
    I have 2, 2015  Ricciardo Karts, and I’m trying to install new chassis protectors, but I noticed the ones that fit OTK karts don’t fit very well on this Ricciardo chassis, as the tabs are slightly different, this usually is a very simple task for me, as I am a certified mechanic by trade, but these parts are a bit different and making modifications just don’t seem right for this application.
    Can anyone tell me what works good on Ricciado or Birel ART Karts?

    Also last question for the day. Can a small fuel tank from a cadet kart fit as a direct fit on a full size Ricciardo/Birel Kart? Thank you in advance. Freddy.

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    Brian Patterson

    We use the plastic ones on our Birel’s. Put the front screw through the tab in the frame and drill a hole in the floor pan for the rear. Make sure that the screw (especially the rear ones) don’t protrude past the nut or you won’t be able to get the fuel tank out.

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    Brian, Thank you for your input, and yes, I’m very familiar with the installation process, as we always install them on our OTK karts, but for what ever reason these don’t fit Ricciardo Karts, or Birel Karts (the tabs are different )

    My question to you is: What brand protectors are you using?

    Kart Lift, Kerb Rider, etc? I’m really interested to know which ones fits your Birels. Thank you.

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