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    Linda Baldus

    I had hesitated to begin this thread, but since some people are beginning to bring up the subject on another thread (see KART MARRS @ Afton) better begin it so we won’t have info in two different threads. 

    I am quoting “The Man” from the other thread: “Being one who puts that schedule together, if there is enough interest in ANY particular class that KART does not offer and someone asks to add it, we normally add them as long as we don’t get into having to add to many races to the daily schedule. We currently have room in our current schedule that we can add some classes to those races and not cut practice time which we don’t like to do.
    As for a SPRINT STOCK HONDA class at HPT. I have had a few people request it (Chris Hegar as 1). The feedback that I have been getting is that adding this class would allow those racers who run a stock honda to be able to run both classes if the schedule allowes to split them into different races which gives them a place to run twice a day, this I can do!!!! I do ask that if we do add classes, that those who ask for a class, to help get class sponsors which is a must for me to add classes. All classes run for the same awards as what the normal KART classes do so this is why sponsors are needed.
    Anyone can look at our current schedule we use for our series and get a pretty good idea on how the HPT schedule would be. From it, we work with adding classes to those current races if possible. Also, we normally have 1 -2 races at the end of Friday practice for certain local option classes. Usually are 1 – 30 & 1 – 45 minute race.”

    As Kelly stated, we seek class sponsors for this event separate from the KART MARRS’ class sponsors and if someone is interested in sponsoring a class at this event, they can either contact “The Man” or Jim Edgington @ 316-305-8361. I believe class sponsorship will again include a reserved pit spot on the “coveted” lower level.


    Linda Baldus

    Brad Johnson said: “Maybe I can roust up a few Texas guys to come along.”

    That would be great. I did see on another post that I can’t find right now that a group of shifters from MI were planning on putting HPT on their calendars too. Don’t know if these were Stock Hondas or what, but regardless it would sure be great to see the shifters in force.


    Kelly Read

    Additional classes requested as of today:

    Sprint G-125 (Similar to CES) Came from racers in MI.

    Sprint stock 125 honda (Checking on rules) Came from Chris & Brad

    Sprint Yamaha Jr. ( 8-11, Yamaha/small carb/4-hole can, 230#) Ran this in the past.

    2 other possible classes (These would possibly run on Friday at the end of practice):

    Yamaha pipe heavy (410#, Yamaha, any fixed pipe) Ran this in the past.

    Controlled Spec (Looking into rules. Similar to WKA)

    Again, these are just REQUESTS!! Once we see what people request then we will look at a schedule to see if they can be fit in without difficulties. End of June the latest I would like to have the list of classes so I can play with a schedule.


    Gilbert Blair

    In the Sprint Yamaha Jr class will the chassis have to be cadet size, or full size. And will this class be run in August at the Hallett race.


    David Cole



    David Cole

    Test from Internet Explorer. Working for me Kelly. :)


    Linda Baldus

    Gilbert, Kelly asked me to reply to your post ’cause for some reason he can not reply on ekn presently. He said to tell you that the Jr. class is any sprint chassis w/ CIK bodywork, and YES, this class will be run @ the August Hallett event.
    Also, he said if you had any other questions you can call him @ 316-218-3645.


    Gilbert Blair

    Thanks Linda looking forward to racing with the group again.


    Kelly Read

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    made by David Cole


    Kelly Read

    Test for Kelly!


    David Cole

    Test for Internet Explorer v11


    Kelly Read

    THE MAN is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had to download a different browser (Firefox).  I hate computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Linda for posting to Gilbert.


    Kelly Read

    I have finished the KART/RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES road race national championships event schedule for HPT October 3-5, 2014. I have sent it to the directors for there approval. Once approved, I will post it so you can see how the schedule will be.


    Here are what classes that we will be running. ALL classes (KART & LOCAL OPTION) will run for the TRIAD. (note: I runs on Sat.,  II runs on Sun.).


    Sprint G125 shifter ( I, II) (420#)

    Sprint 125 stock Honda (I, II) (390#)

    Controlled Spec (I, II) (400#)

    Sprint Yamaha Jr. (I, II). (8-11) (230#)

    Sprint Tag 60cc Jr. (I, II) (8 – 11) (230#/240#)

    Sprint 125 shifter heavy (Friday) (400#)

    Sprint Tag Sr. (Friday) Per 2014 TAGracing road race weights)

    Yamaha pipe heavy (Friday) (410#)

    B-Stock (465#)


    Sprint 80 cc shifter (I, II) (370#)

    100cc open (Sat) (370/390/410)

    Piston Port (I, II) (390/410)

    Yamaha 4 hole can (I, II) (12 – up) (325/345/360)

    B & S Animal sportsman (I, II) (410)

    Sprint stock Leopard (I, II) (385)

    Sprint CIK Yamaha (I, II) (350)

    Sprint 125 shifter (I, II) (385)

    Sprint stock Leopard 40+ (Sun.) (385)

    Sportsman (I, II) (400)

    Unlimited (I, II)

    A-Limited (Sun.) (like open but with 1″ maximum carb, same weights as open)

    With these classes, there should be no reason that every road racer in the country and outside (excluding 4-cycles outside the Animal class) should not want to attend this years KART/RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!

    I have already received a few class sponsors and am accepting sponsors as of now. If you are interested, cost is $200.00 per class. You get a reserved pit spot, name on all your class awards, name on advertisements (including the event schedule) PLUS, YOU get to be a very important part of a SUPER event!!!!! I will say don’t wait.  One thing I am good at is getting sponsors and I can assure you that no class will go without sponsorship!!!!!

    You may contact me at:









    Linda Baldus

    Sure looks to me like you have everyone covered, Kelly. Thanks for the effort I know it has taken to put the schedule together.


    Linda Baldus

    Wanted to remind everyone that KART MARRS is again hosting the Saturday night BBQ and Awards’ presentation @ HPT. Plan on it!


    Kelly Read



    You know what it takes and it isn’t easy!!!!!!!! Adding classes is easy, making them all work is the tough part.




    Chris Hegar

    Please add Hegar Manufacturing as a class sponsor for Stock Moto 1. Looking forward to racing open again, it’s been years.


    John Benson

    Hello, can someone give me the basic rules for unlimited ? I didn’t see a ICE class, do all superkarts run together ( twins , singles)?I couldn’t log into the kart website to see the rules. Thanks.


    Kelly Read


    BIG THANKS on the sponsorship!!!  If you are lucky, I will reserve your pit spot right next to THE MAN”” LOL


    As for the KART – Unlimited class:

    45 minute race.

    Weights are:

    250 gear box: 465#

    250 GB single: 460

    RZ350: 465

    125 GB: 420

    2 x 150 open: 425

    2 x 100 open: 400

    1 x 150 open: 390

    Tag (sprint or laydown): 390

    The twin 100 & 150 opens, single 150 open can run open fuel, all others are on gas/oil. Single karts have a 97″ maximum kart length and twins @ 110″.  55″ maximum kart width on all (Unlimited).


    Kelly Read

    The event schedule I had put together after some revisions has been approved. Once I get someone smarter then me to post the schedule here (if possible), It will be on here soon. If not, I will have Maysha go ahead and post it on the KART web site (www.kart..org) and let you all know.

    Pits will be open from  5:00pm – 10:00pm on Thursday.  REMEMBER, NO ONE goes in until WE (Jim/I) say it is time to go in. We have pit spots we need to mark off for our sponsors before anyone goes in.

    As for the rules, I am putting together the local option class rules as I speak and will have them posted here soon. IF you have any questions on them or any KART rules, call me at (316-218-3645) or e-mail me at donnaandkelly@hotmail.com.


    If you haven’t made hotel reservations yet, you might want to ASAP!!  Topeka has a hockey game both Friday & Saturday nites against there rival Amarillo Tx. and I have been told some racers have already made there reservations.

    As for hotels, Google hotels in Topeka ks.  Scroll to the link that has the maps of where they are. Here are a few. I have stayed in most of these between business and other races when I have been in Topeka and they are fine under my standards.

    Super 8 (Forbes). 1 mile from track and where THE MAN is staying: 785-862-2222

    Straight north on Topeka Blvd.(hwy 75):

    Econo Lodge: 785-267-1681

    On Wanamaker (15 minutes away and where eating places are):

    Days inn: 785-272-8538

    Comfort suites: 785-246-6777

    Clubhouse Inn & Suites: 785-273-8888

    Super 8 (haven’t stayed here): 785-273-5100

    Hampton Inn: 785-228-0111

    Holiday Inn Express: 785-228-9500

    Sleep Inn & Suites: 785-228-2500 (fully remolded)


    Chris Hegar

    For any interested parties we will be running all open and stock cik classes at this event. I know some of our old friends still have karts sitting around collecting dust like ours, drag em out dust em off and come play. Were not traveling much anymore so were looking forward to getting off the left coast for this adventure. I don’t know why but my brother has received an officer presented speeding award every time we drive into the great state of Kansas, I’m looking forward to testing that once again.


    Kelly Read

    Wasn’t able to figure out how to post on here the KART/MARRS – RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS so, Maysha will be putting it along with the entry form on the KART web (www.kart.org) any day now.

    As for this event,  I have 20 of the 34 classes sponsored already. If you would like to sponsor a class, contact me at 316-218-3645 or by e-mail (donnaandkelly@hotmail.com). Don’t wait to long as I will have all classes sponsored by the end of July so don’t wait!!  Fee is $200.00 per class. Gets you a preferred pit spot (not including power), name on all the awards of the class you sponsor, event T-shirt.




    Bernie Baldus


    If you are bringing the Open laydowns that is really exciting.  With all the Reed Jets and Opens running at this event I believe it could quite possibly make HPT the largest “Open” event anywhere this year.

    You will love the track layout, everything is the same as the last time you guys came except the front straight and rear straights are a little different, and the track is smooth because SCCA takes great care of it.  You are gonna have some fun, HPT makes for great racing whether in a CIK kart or a laydown.

    We usually have a big dinner for all Saturday Night up at the Pavillion.

    It will be great to see you guys again.

    PS.  Speed limits are probably higher now so hopefully you guys can avoid those issues.




    Kelly Read

    The KART/MARRS-RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES ROAD RACE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS event and entry forms are now on the KART web site (www/kart.org).

    As for the local option classes rules, I have asked Maysha to post them on there also. More then likely it will be added to the other forms as a page 3??  As for KART rules, if you are not a current KART member or not sure of the rules, call or e-mail me and I can let you know the rules for your particular classes.

    Remember, you draw for your starting position for this event.

    Look forward in seeing everyone there October 3-5.




    Chris Hegar

    Sorry Bernie I lose my password to this site about every other time I log out, I could see your post but I was FORBIDDEN to reply.

    No laydowns for us but we will have cik opens in hand. I have not seen an actual open laydown here out west in at least 15 years. Couple of stock appearing show up from the midwest if we have a national but nothing else 100cc, it’s all 80cc laydown or nothing. We have Ital 100cc motors but they just sit until we refurbish our twin then it’s on!

    The track looks great from the video’s I’ve seen and much faster than before. Just hoping we see no rain in the forecast at that time, that would probably be the only thing that might shut down the program from here. Not that were afraid of rain but an older wiser fella says screw that vs the younger dude that didn’t care about wet socks or rusty kart parts. Looking forward to it!

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