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    David Cole

    Where did DD2 results go to?

    Rotax DD2 Main Event
    1. Ben Cooper +0.067
    2. Bas Lammers
    3. Daniel Formal
    4. Palo de Conto
    5. Robert Wickens


    David Cole

    I had my sound turned down, what happened to Tom Dyer.

    Not sure. I believe it was mechanical. Of the 28 drivers that started, only 5 did not finish.


    Daryle Redlin

    I’m sure there will be much discussion over many of the races but I watched a number of races from the top of a transporter in turn one. I witness some of the worst driving I have ever seen, and by drivers that know better. In particular Tag Masters and Tag Senior. Those two classes were unreal. The amount of blatant blocking and out right putting drivers into the wall was like nothing I have ever seen before. Its by the grace of God that a bunch of drivers didnt get hurt. In my opinion alot of those drivers need to be put on probation or simply banned from coming to future Supernats.


    Rob Kozakowski

    Food for thought after looking at the entries. Out of 600 entires not one american made kart. No Margay, Ikart or whatever. Thats got to be concerning on some levels.

    That is pretty interesting.  Nothing like the years where Trackmagic was fighting for wins with the best of the Euro chassis – I’ve always had a lot of respect for what Trackmagic was able to accomplish.

    That said, SKUSA has never really been the focus of many of the American manufacturers, so maybe it’s not such a big surprise.


    David Cole

    In case you missed anything, here is complete coverage from this year’s SuperNationals


Viewing 5 posts - 201 through 205 (of 205 total)

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