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    Tom Jensen

    I had my sound turned down, what happened to Tom Dyer.


    Tony LaPorta

    S1 Main Event

    1. Joey Wimsett +2.631
    2. Nick Neri
    3. Daniel Bray
    4. Matt Jaskol
    5. Ron White


    David Cole

    Rotax DD2 Main Event

    1. Ben Cooper +0.067
    2. Bas Lammers
    3. Daniel Formal
    4. Palo de Conto
    5. Robert Wickens


    David Cole

    S2 Main Event

    1. Connor Wagner +4.778
    2. Christian Schureman
    3. Augie Lerch
    4. Nerses Isaakyan
    5. AJ Meyers


    David Cole

    S5 Main Event

    1. Kyle Kirkwood +1.679
    2. Jarred Campbell
    3. Marcus Armstrong
    4. Austin Garrison
    5. Nathan Adds


    David Cole

    TaG Master Main Event

    1. Ethan Wilson +0.755
    2. Jim Russell Jr.
    3. Brian McHattie
    4. Tino Donadeli
    5. Paul Bonilla


    David Cole

    S4 Main Event

    1. Matthew Hamilton +1.651
    2. Jordon Musser
    3. Brian Fisher
    4. Trevor McAlister
    5. Miro Mizzoni


    David Cole

    Rotax Junior Main Event

    1. Thomas Preining +0.236
    2. Juan Correa
    3. Leonard Hoogenboom
    4. Javier Gonzales
    5. Bryce Fullwood


    Andrew Coulter

    why is the live audio feed cutting out at the absolute worst times!?!?


    Jason Bane

    why is the live audio feed cutting out at the absolute worst times!?!?


    Same here.  I’m getting nothing now.  Every reload forces you to wait through a 30 second commercial only to get zero audio.


    David Cole

    TaG Senior Main

    1. Nicholas Rowe +0.2
    2. David Sera
    3. Marco Maestranzi
    4. Jess Peterson
    5. Mason Chelootz


    David Cole

    TaG Cadet Main

    1. Leonardo Marsegila +0.063
    2. Mizzuddin Musyaffa
    3. Nick Brueckner
    4. Jack Doohan
    5. Neil Verhagen


    David Cole

    KZ2 Main

    1. Anthony Abbasse +2.343
    2. Bas Lammers
    3. David Fore
    4. Patrick Hajek
    5. Morgan Weber


    Kerry Matthews

    And I thought the bad audio was me….


    Joe Ricard

    Where did DD2 results go to?



    DAMN look at all the FL drivers!!!   What a showing for OGP driver especially.

    S1 — 2nd place, Nick Neri

    S2 — Oliver Askew leads race until lap 17 or so and broken chain; shouldve/wouldve won

    S5 — Kyle Kirkwood stands on top of the podium

    This is their first trip out to Vegas as a team, looks like the concentration on gearbox karting has paid off for them this past year.  All this Vegas termoil/drama came right on the heels of the team being at NOLA the previous week for the Rotax event.  A big congrats to Nate Grindell, OGP Race Team Manager, for keeping everyone calm and focused through some very long and stressful weeks of racing.  Real proud and happy for the OGP gang and all the other FL drivers that showed well during the washout of a week….we get plenty of opportunity to practice in the rain here in FL. :-)




    Jeff Salak

    Why was Wilson and McHattie DQ in Tag Masters?


    Kyle Kraus

    Oliver was second the whole race till chain broke, but for sure he was fast.


    jeff grose

    DQ’s in Tag Sr. ???????????? like 10 drivers ????????? no explanation on My Laps


    Charles Skowron

    DQ’s in Tag Sr. ???????????? like 10 drivers ????????? no explanation on My Laps



    It could be they crashed out, and didn’t bother to head to the scales at the end? I notice none of the Sr. DQs completed the full distance.

    That doesn’t explain Ethan Wilson and Brian McHattie in TaG Masters however. I’m curious as to what happened there as well. A shame, Wilson definitely sounded like the happiest winner out of all the classes, judging solely by post-race interviews.


    C. Skowron





    jeff grose

    That makes sense Charles , now that you mention that ,


    Jeff Salak

    I heard Wilson and McHattie Dq’d for timing ignition issue. Wow!


    Matt Dixon

    Ethan’s was something like .003 out. Heartbreaking

    Lots of missing front and rear bumpers in Sr.


    TJ Koyen

    Only 22 karts running at the end of TaG Sr. My guess is most of the DNFs didn’t scale.

    I know Zimmer blew a hole in his engine very early and Pagano was looking good for the championship before his header went while running a strong 7th or so near the end.


    Keith Bridgeman

    Food for thought after looking at the entries.   

    Out of 600 entires not one american made kart.  No Margay, Ikart or whatever.   Thats got to be concerning on some levels.

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