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    David Cole

    The 2013 Superkarts! USA SuperNationals is shaping up to be the biggest event in its 17 year history. At close to 600 entries heading to the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, history will be made when the 11 categories hit the track Wednesday for practice. Over $100,000 in cash and prizes are set to be awarded following the action on SuperSunday, with a $15,000 cash purse handed out in KZ2, TaG Senior and S1 Pro Stock Moto. Not only is the prestige of winning in Las Vegas on the line, but the SKUSA #1 plates for the Pro Tour championships in each of the eight classes.

    EKN Trackside Live coverage is beginning with the Preview Program, looking at each category with a full pre-entry list. Once karts hit the track Wednesday, Trackside Live begins. Update here along with Facebook and Twitter will be made, along with photos on the EKN Instagram feed. Daily reports and Paddock Insider will also be provided, with EKN Live beginning Friday with qualifying and running through the action at SuperSunday

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    David Cole

    EKN Event Page

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    Chris Bany

    Any chance of a on track video feed from SN?


    James McMahon

    Doubtful   $$$$


    Rob Howden

    The excitement level continues to build here in Las Vegas, as all the teams have moved in and kart prep is wrapping up.  We’re on-track with the first rounds of practice in the morning and everyone is anxious to get things rolling.

    In regards to coverage, we’ll be providing straight audio this year, but Tom Kutscher and I spoke today and EKN will be producing a live video broadcast in 2014 to add that component to the event.  The lack of video obviously doesn’t effect attendance, as SKUSA will top 600 drivers to set a new record.  And that’s 600 drivers, not 600 ‘entries’.  It’s crazy.

    We’ll work diligently over the off-season to find the commercial sponsorship to make sure that the live video is a straight expense.  It will be our first foray into video, and we’re looking forward to it.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden


    Taylor Young

    Has the track layout been announced? I’m assuming it’s the same as last year.


    Joe Ricard

    Aren’t they practicing today?   so probably yea.


    David Cole

    Has the track layout been announced? I’m assuming it’s the same as last year.

    It’s similar to last year with some updates, including more tech-pro barriers replacing the jersey barriers.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    David Cole

    Aren’t they practicing today? so probably yea.

    Yes. Practice begins today and goes to tomorrow.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    Britt Robinson

    Is that Elvis Stojko the figure skater I see running S4?

    '13 Velox SK1 - CR125 -
    4th place finisher on a good day @ Tri-City Kart Club, Richland, WA


    David Cole

    Is that Elvis Stojko the figure skater I see running S4?

    Yes it is. He’s been racing SKUSA Mexico series as well as DD2 in Canada. He’s thrilled to be here if you check out his Twitter feed.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    David Cole

    TaG Junior Practice 4
    1. Christian Brooks – 47.436
    2. Javier Gonzales
    3. Austin McCusker
    4. Nick Ramirez
    5. Logan Sargeant

    DD2 Practice 4
    1. Xen De Ruwe – 46743
    2. Daniel Formal
    3. Bas Lammers
    4. Mathias Detige
    5. Ben Cooper

    DD2 Masters Practice 4
    1. Scott Campbell – 47.389
    2. Igor Mukhin
    3. Stuart Clark
    4. Andres Fonseca
    5. Mike Jones

    S2 Practice 4
    1. Connor Wagner – 45.441
    2. Miguel Lopez
    3. Cody Diede
    4. Loris Ronzano
    5. Ryan Kinnear

    S5 Practice 4
    1. Jarred Campbell – 46
    2. Raul Guzman
    3. Carter Williams
    4. Jim McKinney
    5. Nathan Adds

    TaG Master Practice 4
    1. Paul Bonilla – 47.877
    2. Will Power
    3. Jim Russell Jr.
    4. Billy Cleavelin
    5. Ethan Wilson

    S1 Practice 4
    1. Billy Musgrave – 45.284
    2. Nick Neri
    3. Matt Jaskol
    4. Tom Dyer
    5. Brian Keck

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor


    Jeff Shadoan

    How’s the weather? Forecasts show from 30-60% chance of rain each day, but how is it in reality there? I was planning on heading up there for Fri-Sun.


    Tom Jensen

    Has anyone ever done a study as to the economic impact that the SuperNats has on Las Vegas? That’s a lot of hotels, rent, gas, food, taxes, entertainment, shopping etc. This event must generate a significant amount of revenue for the city and state.


    Allan Craighead

    TaG Junior P2 Practice 5

    1. Christian Munoz – 47.533
    2. Kurt Kostecki
    3. Nazareno Moscetta
    4. Sasha Brun-Wibaux
    5. Jake Kostecki


    Allan Craighead

    TaG Junior P1 Practice 5

    1. Yurik Carvalho – 47.179
    2. Christian Brooks
    3. Austin McCusker
    4. Logan Sargeant
    5. Phillippe Denes


    Allan Craighead

    DD2 Practice 5

    1. Mathias Detige – 46.788
    2. Daniel Formal
    3. Bas Lammers
    4. Xen De Ruwe
    5. Ben Cooper


    Allan Craighead

    DD2 Masters Practice 5

    1. Sebastien Bourdais – 47.286
    2. Scott Campbell
    3. Andrreas Matis
    4. Igor Mukin
    5. Stuark Clark


    Allan Craighead

    S2 P2 Practice 5

    1. Austin Schimmel – 45.230
    2. Alan Michel
    3. AJ Myers
    4. Vivek Tandon
    5. Lindsay Brewer


    Allan Craighead

    S2 P1 Practice 5

    1. Connor Wagner – 45.158
    2. Jason Faint
    3. Miguel Lopez
    4. Oliver Askew
    5. Kolton Griffin


    Allan Craighead

    S5 Practice 5

    1. Kyle Kirkwood – 46.150
    2. Jarred Campbell
    3. Marcus Armstrong
    4. Raul Guzman
    5. Erik Nelson


    Allan Craighead

    TaG Master Practice 5

    1. Paul Bonilla – 47.494
    2. Ethan Wilson
    3. Scott Falcone
    4. Kip Foster
    5. Billy Cleavelin


    Allan Craighead

    S1 Practice 5

    1. Ron White – 44.652
    2. Joey Wimsett
    3. Tom Dyer
    4. Brett Buckwalter
    5. Billy Musgrave


    Allan Craighead

    TaG Junior P2 Practice 6

    1. Jake Kostecki – 47.306
    2. Christian Munoz
    3. Nicolas Dapero
    4. Sasha Brun-Wibaux
    5. Sebastian Sierra


    Allan Craighead

    TaG Junior P1 Practice 6

    1. Yurik Carvalho – 46.751
    2. Phillippe Denes
    3. Austin McCusker
    4. Sting Ray Robb
    5. Juan Correa

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