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    David Cole

    The 10th annual RoboPong 200 is set for this weekend at the popular New Castle Motorsports Park. The 1-mile circuit in Indiana will welcome karting’s best along with big names in motorsports. This year’s race is later in the year then normal, and thus one extra challenge of battling the weather will be a factor. Temperatures are expected to be in the low 50s, with late night temps into possible freezing temps.

    Updates will be posted here throughout the weekend, beginning tomorrow with links to the Official Event Page to keep up on the entire event.


    Greg Wright

    See ya there David!!



    Paul Kish

    It’s only 5 hr’s for me to go there.  How many karts do you expect for the race and do you still race if it rains?  I don’t want to go there and then only see 8 or 9 karts in a class.


    thanks  paul


    Greg Wright

    Paul, There are only 4 classes for this event, Yamaha Jr. Sportsman, Yamaha Jr., Yamaha Sr. and the Robopong 200 for TAG.

      With lots of money on the line for all classes ($10K to win the Robopong 200) there will be plenty of people to race with.

    This in not counting the Dan Wheldon Pro-Am Challenge charity race to benefit the Alzheimers Foundation.


    If you come to the race come and visit the tower, I’ll be the announcer for the weekend.



    Paul Kish

    thank you



    I don’t race, I just watch and BS. … :(




    David Cole

    The final practice session was canceled due to time constraints.

    Qualifying for RoboPong and Yamaha categories will take place after Pro-Am event.


    David Cole

    Yamaha Sportsman Qualifying

    1. Zach Preturius – 1:16.600
    2. Sam Mayer
    3. David Malukas
    4. John Paul Southern Jr.
    5. Brandon Lemke
    6. Giovanni Bromante
    7. Griffin Kunz
    8. Alex Verhagen
    9. Leo Stoia
    10. Alex Bertagnoli

    37 drivers


    David Cole

    Yamaha Senior Qualifying

    1. Cal Stewart – 1:12.801
    2. Gresham Wagner
    3. Camden Speth
    4. Sam Cate
    5. Andrew Burton
    6. Jacob McWhirter
    7. Olivia Horn
    8. Derek Dignan
    9. Cole Fink
    10. Jon Giddens


    David Cole

    Yamaha Junior Qualifying

    1. Jacob McWhirter – 1:11.454
    2. Gresham Wagner
    3. Michael Cruz
    4. David Malukas
    5. Nick Ludeke
    6. Neil Verhagen
    7. Garrett Moran
    8. Brandon Lemke
    9. Joey Eppink
    10. Braden Eves


    David Cole

    RoboPong 200 Qualifying

    1. iKart Factory Racing – 1:05.712
    2. CometKartSales.com
    3. KartSport AMR3
    4. KartSport AMR2
    5. Lewis/Smith
    6. Top Kart Racing 1
    7. Checkered Motorsports
    8. Top Kart Racing 1A
    9. Simpson Racing
    10. Franklin Motorsports


    David Cole

    Yamaha Sportsman Prefinal

    1. Brandon Lemke +0.115
    2. John Paul Southern Jr.
    3. David Malukas
    4. Sam Mayer
    5. Leo Stoia
    6. Jamie Williams
    7. Giovanni Bromante
    8. Alex Bertagnoli
    9. Max Kowalski
    10. Drew Lindley


    David Cole

    Yamaha Senior Prefinal

    1. Sam Cate
    2. Jacob McWhirter
    3. Cal Stewart
    4. Gresham Wagner
    5. Camden Speth
    6. Derek Dignan
    7. Andrew Burton
    8. Jon Giddens
    9. Olivia Horn
    10. Cole Fink


    David Cole

    Yamaha Junior Prefinal

    1. Gresham Wagner +0.142
    2. David Malukas
    3. Brandon Lemke
    4. Jacob McWhirter
    5. Neil Verhagen
    6. Braden Eves
    7. Michael Cruz
    8. Zach Holden
    9. Simon Sikes
    10. Garrett Moran


    David Cole

    Good morning everyone. Practice is underway here in New Castle following a 45-minute delay for frost on the track. Main events for the Yamaha groups will begin roughly around 10:15am with RoboPong 200 still set at 1pm


    David Cole

    Yamaha Sportsman Main Event

    1. Giovanni Bromante +0.538
    2. John Paul Southern Jr.
    3. Brandon Lemke
    4. David Malukas
    5. Sam Mayer
    6. Leo Stoia
    7. Alex Bertagnoli
    8. Drew Lindley
    9. Matthew Northrop
    10. Jason Welage


    David Cole

    Yamaha Senior Main Event

    1. Gresham Wagner +0.007
    2. Derek Dignan
    3. Cal Stewart
    4. Camden Speth
    5. Jacob McWhirter
    6. Andrew Burton
    7. Jon Giddens
    8. Olivia Horn
    9. Cole Fink
    10. Justin Penix


    David Cole

    Yamaha Junior Main Event

    1. Braden Eves +0.250
    2. Zach Holden
    3. David Malukas
    4. Gresham Wagner
    5. Neil Verhagen
    6. Nick Ludeke
    7. Joey Eppink
    8. Garrett Moran
    9. Emerson Reed
    10. Adam Strugill


    David Cole

    Head to Paddock Insider for updates as it happens, along with Facebook and Twitter


    David Cole

    RoboPong 200 Main Event

    1. CometKartSales.com +1 Lap
    2. KartSport AMR3
    3. KartSport AMR2
    4. Top Kart USA 1A
    5. ProKart Indoor
    6. Checkered Motorsports
    7. Simpson Racing
    8. Pink Ribbon Racing
    9. Ed Carpenter Racing
    10. Davey Hamilton Racing


    Greg Wright

    Great weekend of racing, this event has certainly become one of the “Crown Jewels” of karting. It was good seeing you there David.

    I had a blast.


    Mark Erpelding

    If you miss this event you are truly not a karter!   1st class race, 1st class facility, 1st class management….     The competition is the best in the country..   Bring your A game!!


    Doug Harden

    All 37 Jr Sportsman racers lining up for the final…with no major incidents during the start…not bad for 8-12YO racers.


    David Cole

    Correct Doug. It was a great start for the young guys. A little bit of contact here and there, but that’s expected with 37 on track.  And what a finish – three wide to the final corner.

    If you haven’t already, check out the race report


    Roberto Perez

    To view the pictures of the ROBO-PONG 200  2013  ,  go to:

    RP Photography page in FB  http://www.facebook.com/rpphotography11




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