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    Ted Hamilton

    Partial roller — includes everything as show in pic.

    50mm axle, complete front end (needs 2 M3 eccentric screws), seat struts, and rear hardware.  Missing nerfs, brakes, bodywork.

    $500 + shipping.  (Approx. $200 to ship via Fastenal to your local store…)

    2012 Intrepid Cruiser M2 partial roller



    Hey Ted,

    Very Interested in your cruiser.  Could you give me a little background info on the kart.  Where are you located at?  Any info would be great


    Thanks Chris.




    Ted Hamilton

    I am located near Winston-Salem, NC.   I purchased the kart from a local guy who wasn’t into karting but had traded an Arrow/Rotax and this frame for his streetbike.  I made an offer, and he took it, and I figured I’d pass it on to others in the karting community rather than see it getting hacked up into a yard kart or something.  It has had the right seatstay rewelded, but I think it was a “patch” weld rather than it snapping off.  Fresh powdercoat, and otherwise straight and very clean.  Feel free to call me at 336.692.3700 8am – 7pm for more info.  Can ship via Fastenal for around $150-200, depending on location.  I sourced the eccentric bolts yesterday and they’re now included.


    Ted Hamilton

    SOLD.  Thanks, Carl!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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