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    Chassis: 2012 Birel RY 30 S4
    Engine: Briggs 206, with factory seals
    Ask Price: $2,200.00

    For sale is my rolling chassis ready to race, it came from racing as a rotax 125 to the briggs 206 as fun. It is a fast chassis and engine that performs well, and is a lot of fun to drive. As full disclosure chassis has one weld, and a mistake where overtightning engine clamps kind of added a little dimple in the frame. Still works fine! I’ve thrown in some extras that can go with the kart as well. Located in Vancouver, WA but some travel is possible.

    – Mychron 2 , IR sensor (lap times) & spark/ignition pick up
    – Kart stand, if desired
    – Gears 54, 55, 56, 57
    – Kart Cover
    – Wheel nut wrench

    Chassis Specificiations:
    – Wheelbase: 1045mm
    – Front Width: 715mm
    – Rear Width: 645mm
    – Overall Length: 1600mm

    – 30mm chassis construction
    – 50mm Freeline axle
    – Adjustable front & rear ride-height
    – Freeline eccentric castor/camber adjusters
    – Freeline DF-Series Mag wheels
    – 10-Liter fuel tank
    – 320mm “Motorsport” steering wheel
    – Freeline CIK09-14 bodywork Optional Narrow side-pod kit
    – Freeline Hi-Tech heel-stop

    Torsion Bar:
    – Removable front torsion bar

    -(F) 75mm Freeline Hi-Tech
    -(R) 50×75 Freeline Hi-Tech

    – Freeline “self-adjusting” hydraulic brake caliper w/ reservoir master cylinder
    – Floating rear drilled & vented brake rotor

    Click Here for Photos

    E-mail: mannc018@gmail.com

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