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    Darren Newport

    This is a complete rolling Cruiser V chassis that was rebuilt in 2015 only to bend the frame in its first outing. So everything you see in the pictures is available for sale either complete as is, or I can split it up.

    The frame is slightly tweaked and could probably be straightened with the right jig and tools but either way the right front wheel has about 1 degree more negative camber than it should. The bend is visible using a straight edge in the area of the spindle bracket but there are no cracks as far as I can see. (Note the removed powder coat.)

    Everything else is straight and either low hours or one race old:

    • The steering shaft, spindles, steering arms and rod ends are all one race old.
    • Brakes were rebuilt with fresh pistons and seals. Pads are 30 laps old
    • Axle bearings are one race old, Axle is Hard.
    • I have all body work with the graphics in used condition, the rear bumper is usable but not pretty and melted from the exhaust.
    • Two sets of Douglas wheels and MG yellow tires.
    • The radiator is an Ellis racing Large. The core is good, no leaks but the mounts are slightly tweaked and I have reinforced them with some semi flexible structural epoxy.
    • Mychron 3, with water temp housing and sensor, magnetic lap sensor and rpm.

    Again please see the pictures for details, and let me know if you have any questions.


    Prices are negotiable, and I would prefer to sell complete as I need the space.

    Email me at: dnewport10@gmail.com



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