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    Frank Ross
    1. Hey picked up a like new older Suzuka chassis. Running stock Honda shifter set up. Any one that currently runs one or maybe used to?? Please chime in.  When I picked it up it had a set of really long 95mm front hubs dang near had the same front width as the rear.  Thinking this really seemed odd I installed some standard 65mm hubs 2nd line out to start. No rear bar. First session front end was so twitchy and nervous wanted to snap around under braking and on any bumps. Seemed really  un-drive able  comparing front width to my old SKM that was 45″This intrepid with the hubs slide all the way in was still wider than any of our other karts at 46″ was 47 1/2 on 2nd notch.  and as seen in pics makes getting wheels on a chore.  And help appreciated as was hoping for an upgrade over my tried and true SKM youu can see the major difference in spindle length between the two.   Thanks for any help











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    Chad Landers

    I ran my Suzuka in Tag, but I always ran mine at 2-4 lines out.  With a short hub like your oranges ones. Those shockwave hubs are more than likely rear 4omm hubs.  That being said when I bought mine used the guy that had it before me ran shifter and had longer hubs on it and ran it wider.

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    Frank Ross

    I wonder if we’re on to something if your Suzuka had long hubs on it for shifter use also.  I didn’t even try it. Figured it’s had to be wrong??? Is just handled so crappy on my first outing with the short hubs 2nd line out.   Narrowed it all the way and was better.   “BUT” even more extremely is going wider.  Never gave it thought to widen it??

    anyone else have thoughts on this

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