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    Mike Burrell

    SOLD! Thanks EKN.


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    Mike Hanosh


    Is the motor stock? I purchased a kart from Todd several years ago.  Great builder.  I’m interested in racing in the stock honda class which is why I am curious.


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    Bob legate

    Any idea on the cost to ship everything to So. Cal.?  92673

    thx, Bob Legate 949-292-6744

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    Mike Burrell

    Hi Bob,

    I tried to email you at the address you PM’ed me, but it bounced back…

    Just doing a “quick quote” from Indianapolis to your ZIP. This is based on delivery to a business address:

    Central Transport or RoadRunner: $283 (insured)

    UPS Freight: $376 (uninsured) $396 (insured)

    R&L: $427 (uninsured) $447 (insured)

    I really recommend UPS Freight.  I’ve had 100% good luck shipping karts with them, you can either pick it up at the hub (and they’ll forklift it into your truck bed) or they’ll deliver to you…

    Feel free to call me with questions!  I PM’ed you my cell #.


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      Bob Legate

      Mike, thanks for the reply.  I just got back to the states-have been in Costa Rica on vacation.

      Does the kart come with the radiator? How about a Mychron?  Is it turn-key?

      Can you send me an email with your phone number?  Can’t find the PM you sent.  Please email to boblegate@cox.net     Thx, Bob

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    Mike Hanosh

    Hi Mike.  I saw your responses regarding shipping.  I am also interested in the package.  I purchased a kart from Todd several years ago.  He builds a great package. I am planning to race the stock Honda class.  Do you know if the motor fits that class?  I am in Arizona and feel that the shipping would be similar to the cost to ship to SoCal.  I do have a couple of other questions if you have time and the package is still available.  My email is mikehanosh@yahoo.com.



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    Michael Rutter

    Would you take trade for another kart? I could trade a 2004 BRM with an LO206 with less then 7 hrs, and a Birel with two PRD’s?  The birel is also a 2004 RY-30, I loved it but I’d be willing to trade it.  Was only three tenths off of the Norway (CHMS) lap record.

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