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    Justin Paxton

    I have switched to an 11t engine sprocket and have experienced 3 sprocket failures so far….some within 4-15 minute sessions.  Has anyone experienced this issue?  It has a plastic plain bearing that just looks cheezy in comparison with the cage needle bearing one on the 12t.  I put Motul chain lube on every 15 minute session and put a little extra on the spindle nut.  I have also noticed that my new style clutch by the end of the day chatters which it never used to do when I ran the 12t.  I have to take the drum off and sand off the deposits on the inside, and I also sand off the clutch itself to smooth it out.  My supplier says its a manufacturer defect but want to make sure it might not be something else you guys might know about.

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    George Vorrilas

    Are you using the correct outer washer and nut ?  We have seen a number of failures from using the wrong outer washer and nut which may interfere with the chain and sprocket.. I would suggest putting it together and taking a hard look at it to ensure that it is running clean, free of interference… rotate it by hand and I think you will see the problem. We have run 11t drivers with great success.

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    Greg Welch

    The nut is the same whether you use an 11 or a 12.

    When you run the 11 you remove the o-ring and switch to a smaller outer washer.  You can put a dab of grease on the bushing but they will always be a little noisier than the 12.

    Also, avoid cheap aftermarkets, never had a failure with OEM sprockets.

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    Peter Zambos

    Also, avoid cheap aftermarkets, never had a failure with OEM sprockets.

    +1.  Used an aftermarket drive sprocket once.  Literally.

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