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    Allan Steele

    i’ve been running a 08 CRG RR shifter for 3 years now and like it a lot but honestly don’t know any better since it was my first kart. So now i have a choice of getting a 08 Trackmagic, which i heard was made by Intrepid, or keeping my RR. Does anybody have enough experience with these chassis with stock moto to tell me what to expect with handling differences? the RR has a lot of days on it and the Trackmagic appears to have been put in the garage and ignored.. it looks almost new.


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    The Track Magic was an awesome American made chassis in it’s time, along with the newer Margay chassis, in my opinion

    But sadly went out of business, and support or replacement parts would be a bit of an issue, but not impossible, as there are lots of new and used parts available out there

    The only issue I had with them was the primitive front and rear brake system, very old and outdated, I also noticed that Sodi Karts had the same brakes as the Track Magic

    I would totally stick with the CRG, and if you want to go newer, then just buy a newer CRG, they are proven winners, and supported almost anywhere, and not to mention parts are readily available almost in any race shop or online store.

    That’s just my 2 cents, hope that helps….. Fast Freddy.


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    Allan Steele

    thanks.. i’ll take another look at the brake design. if the 08’s were made by Intrepid would it have been intrepids design/parts or were they made to the Trackmagic specs?

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    I’m not sure, Allan

    Last time they produced a track magic was around 06, if I remember correctly

    Please post a picture of the brakes, and I’ll tell you rightaway, they are very unique

    I still think you would be a whole lot better off with the CRG.

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      Allan Steele

      sorry.. it’s been a while since i can think about kart stuff.

      here’s some pics

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        Greg Marlow



        I have alot of experience with this kart.  The brakes overheat easily and require a lot of maintenance and pad replacement.

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    Allan Steele

    thanks.. thats good to know


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