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Bob Baldwin

Derek : sorry I posted comments on your other posting .

I will point out one thing that I have noticed over the years and that is with guys NEW to shifter karts that are NOT in what you would call ” FIT SHAPE ” I admit I fall into that category .we had gone to Jacksonville Fla 103rd st . to do some testing and tuning on a Rotax kart . I was NOT competing at the time . My son -in-law asked if I wanted to do a few laps which I did came in and was feeling OK Taking a lunch break and a shifter kart driver pulls in with his girlfriend . we helped him unload set-up and shared lunch with them . At that time still feeling good . He had asked if we wanted to do some laps in his kart which we did do . My first time in a shifter Kart and I think I was driving conservatively . Only did 7-8 laps then pulled in . I was fine getting up and out but I started to walk over and take the driver suit off and man was I SORE . Could NOT believe the Forces on the body between Rotax Kart and Shifter Kart

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