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I love your questions, your eager and wanting to learn more and more about karting, and wanting to find out what is wrong with our sport.

However, some of your questions you ask may not have an answer, or just may not be important enough for the big names to answer. Karting is a sport, but it’s also a business. Things do change a lot, just like everything else around you, some of your questions need to be directed to the root of the industry, not the drivers, consumers, team owners, etc. Some times we have no choice but to move on, along the way we get screwed or find benefit in new changes. Look I get it! there are lots of things I hate and love about the sport, I wish things were different too, but they’re not.

This would be like me complaining about modern cars about electronic throttle body, instead of cable operated, or ABS brakes, or the abundance automatic transmissions rather than manual transmission/gear boxes, push start buttons rather than a regular key????

I don’t think they make car commercials asking us if we’re ok with all those features, we just get bent over and take it. In reality Do you think all that will go back to how it used to be?

TJ made a good point, If you stay away from karting for a few years, and then check back in, you’re gonna find a culture shock with changes, but if you stay in it you will see things better, and will understand why the changes happen.

I hate changes too, I hate having to change cell phones, I hated back in the day when they told me I had pay extra for my new smart phone, since it had network (internet ) I didn’t really need it or want it, they just bent me over and gave it to me with Vaseline included.

Don’t give me wrong, I am a strong fighter and refuse to give up that easily, but I honestly think you are on an uphill battle, some times you just have to pick your battles and enjoy the ride. Or some times you can win the war and lose the battle.

Problems do exist everywhere, even in F1, MotoX, Nascrap, and all major motor sports, there are lots of people unhappy.

That being said……. Just relax, get involved, have fun, race your kart for a season or 2, by then you will know what to do next, plus you will have plenty of info available to you, and if you still wanna re invent the wheel then hopefully by then you will have all the contact info to all the major organizers, builders, importers, responsible people for the direction the sport is going, then you can approach them, and give them a proposal.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but 1/2 the people here may not even know the answer to your questions, nor the root of the problem. Mean while, welcome to the sport, buy an X3o, KA100 for more affordability, Briggs LO206 for dirt cheap maintenance or a shifter kart, but please don’t make the same mistake a few have made, thinking you will become the next Indy car, F1, Nascrap star. Just enjoy karting and do the best you can.


Now Can we put this to rest and move on? You’re welcome to ask more honest questions about how to get you started, on what class, and performance wise, no more politics.