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Mark Traylor


If you do not want to race karts then don’t.  You don’t need to come on a karting forum and complain about how terrible it is.  We are karting people here.   There is a place in karting for nearly any budget and skill level.  If someone wants to jump in the sport at the top level when getting started I will assure you they will become frustrated and will typically be very short lived in the sport.


Trust me your ideas on marketing karting are not new, and I can assure you that they typically do not pay back.  For instance, my club was offered a highly discounted 10’x10′ space at an indycar event.  For that to pay off you would need to get 10 new club members that will each race 10 times that year.   the ROI on the booth investment is non existent.  FACT (using your word).  Indoor kart tracks for the vast majority see outdoor race karting as a competitor, not a partner.  98% will not welcome race kart advertising, its akin to Target advertising inside a Walmart.

Can kart racing be improved? Ofcourse it can.  Honestly you dont have a clue about the sport though.