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Richard talbert

Currently in WKA road racing in the TAG Heavy class, there are (11) eleven legal engines. Ready? Cheetah SQ 125; Easykart IAME & BMB; Motori Seven; Stock Parilla Leopard; Ported Parilla Leopard; Parilla X30; PRD Fire Ball; Rotax FR125; Sonik TX; Sonik VX; and the Vortex Rok TT. There is an ATTEMPT to make them somewhat equal using various minimum weights. It does NOT work!! A number of these engines I have never seen. Some aren’t made anymore. And some I can’t imagine where you could get one or parts for them. Hands down the most popular engines in the class are the X30’s, Leopards, maybe a couple PRD’s and maybe a couple Rotax’s. It seems like a second class for the IAME Sprint folks who want to run more. Currently at Daytona and I know with the WKC, the IAME Sprint class is the biggest by a margin. IAME Sprint is for MY03 and MY09 Leopards; and the X30’s, all IAME products. I’m sure if you searched hard enough, you could find an old Easykart motor for a couple hundred bucks. But it would be so far off, why would you bother? Or a Sonik which isn’t made anymore? I hear what you’re saying, but if you want to be competitive, there are only a couple choices in any series. And in most series, it’s a single engine. And those ARE the most popular classes. Have a good one, Clark Gaynor Sr.

I apologize sincerely if  I’m wrong but what I see from F1 from on TV, there a spec series from what they say. Build your chassis to this spec and keep your engine to this hp. Sounds spec to me, they clearly don’t say it’s a spec series with there manufactures rules. I’m sorry this is coming from a fan.