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Robert Lawson

I spoke with Sam, good news….. he will honor all the “perks” of the single day gig for a full weekend as well.

He finds it hard to believe that Y’all would drive all the way back there on consecutive weekends but…..

He is willing to reschedule us IF another weekend is still available. Thats a BIG if…. I would bet at least the Saturdays will be booked for all of April before we actually get out there. Of course, this would ONLY apply if we had to cancel/reschedule before the weekend in question (like last April). If we cancel before 7am on the morning of the Saturday of the lease, I’m off the hook for the EMT but the marshalls will have to be paid for coming out.

Enough talk about rescheduling…. we have not picked a date yet! Besides, the once in a millenium weather issue was LAST year!!!! We will be good to go!!!

I’m calling my guys here in town to get an idea on the date too.

Keep looking in, I’ll have more coming soon!!!!