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Aaron Hachmeister

This isn’t so much taking as it is “forced buying/selling.” The claimer doesn’t get to just take the engine. They need to pay for it. About $500 above market price for a new one actually. The original owner gets money for it, to use towards a new engine. You aren’t just “trading keys,” and most people are completely fine with the rule unless they’re cheating with the engine. The point is to keep one person from spending 3x your budget to get a motor that’ll beat the whole field. Those are the people losing perspective on what a winning setup actually is, not the ones utilizing a claiming rule built to keep competition more equal and dependent on driving ability.

Aaron¬†– I don’t know you, but from everything I’ve heard/read on this post tells me you’re not the guy this woman made you out to be. I wish you and Diego the best of luck in your 2017 season, as well as everyone else on these forums.