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Tim Landon

My personal thoughts are it’s a good rule.  It helps to slightly thwart cheating.  And we all know that a lot of consistent winners are good, but they also cheat.  Or should I be politically correct and say, “interpret the rules in their favor”.  Happens in all forms of sport.  It’s part of racing. It’s human nature, unfortunately.  I used to race rc cars years back.  Batteries were the source of power.  Rules stated in this class,  only used batteries could be used and could be claimed for $25.  Which is cheap.  Also they where not subject to tech inspection because of that. The guy who consistently won, actually spanked everybody every race,  told me he couldn’t believe no one ever claimed his batteries. They where totally illegal and he admitted to it.  AJ Foyt even said, “It ain’t cheatin unless you get caught”.