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Caleb Gilbert

Couldn’t ask for a better explanation of what to expect than that Walt, thanks. I started doing some calculating on the information I could find regarding weight and it’s effect on lap times and it seems like on this particular short and tight track that at best it’d be a wash between the pipe and the can, which is pretty much what you’re pointing to as well. Then it becomes which is the simpler solution and obviously just keeping the can, not having to buy and place the weights and then adjust my setup for the new weight is so much more simple.

That said, I wanted to get that darn soup can off the back of my kart *so* badly! lol

I’ve enjoyed having the KT100 for getting my start with 4 wheels and think I would have gotten in trouble a few times in something faster, but now that I’m adjusting I also miss my 2 wheel days where there was no such thing as adding weight, and rider skill was so much more important than horsepower, that horsepower to a large extent didn’t really matter much (within limits of course, but it is a regular sight to see a fast rider on a small horsepower bike leaving everyone else in the dust just because *they* were quick). I image the same thing could be said of 125 shifter karts (and beyond) as well.