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Brian Wilhelm


It was pretty fast in Unlimited II. The MyChron said 146.7 mph was my top speed for the week. That’s up a little more than 1 1/2 mph from my previous best of 145.1. Typical for Daytona, it wasn’t without a thrash! Something about that place wrecks normal tuning parameters. You almost are better off pitching your notes from previous years. Also like every year, we learned a lot. Small changes can yield solid gains. Like always, aero is huge there and we had a couple of changes to test.

This year saw a wild weather swing from the first race day to the second day. By some accounts, corrected altitude changed 4,000 ft overnight, making tuning a challenge. After a driver-induced motor failure in final practice before Unlimited II, good friend Mitch White urged me to throw his motor on and race it. Thrash again to get it on, and it was a rocket! Looking at the 19 drivers signed up for the race, it looked like about half the field had the speed to win. Both Harper’s, Randy Fulks, Darrin Cuthbertson, Scott Hodges, Johnny West, etc. In the end, it was RH III running fast in 2nd keeping me on the gas.

The big story in our garage was Daytona first-timer Allen Hollinger in another OWL laydown / SwedeTech Pavesi ride. Allen was able to pull off a 3rd place in Formula-125, and another fine 3rd in Unlimited II. We battled issues on Mitch White’s kart and never really got him up to the speed that we know that kart can run. Unfortunately, Mitch had to catch a flight home that kept him from running in Unlimited II.

As usual, we are already plotting what we’ll do different next year at Daytona!