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Robert Lawson


Nothing like that first trip to the track with a new RV!!! Eric is my Bro, he will be fully “IN” I’m sure. ;)


I was going to ask you about that but figured the motor came as a package with good test notes as a base.

Back in the day I had a watercooled 100cc Open rotory valve engine and I started on a big gas carb to work out the bugs first. We then went to Colver mod Alky carb (360 deg fuel feed venturi) and she really went fast! Got greedy though, sent her out to Greg Campbell (may he rest in peace!) to be opened up to a 135cc. It thumped, that thing could pull a skid of bricks!!! Unfortunately I kept spinnin too many rev’s on that big bore and blew it up 1 too many times!!! Man those were good times…. Campbell lit me on fire with ether at Mid-Ohio when it backfired trying to start it in cold weather early one Spring. His last contraption was a highly modified TKM 130 (150cc!!!) with rotory valves and intakes/carbs on both sides of the bottom end!!  He was nuts, but in his day SUPER fast!!!!

Moral of the story? Stay away from the well meaning Campbell’s out there and get on that gas carb and have fun!! :)

Very much looking forward to running Mid-Ohio in June. Sooo many stories from down there over the years….. my return is overdue!