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Robert Lawson

Happy New Year Guys!!!!

Watching the race-monitor for the event at Daytona got a few of us that didn’t attend fired up to play with the karts. I have been working on repairing my “good” pipe that broke 2 years ago!!!! Thankfully Larry had given me a bunch of prerolled cones and we found a portion that suitably replaced the shattered bit so…… we have something (a reason!!!) to TEST!!!

I have stayed in contact with the Boys at Grattan and just got a few dates for an April Test Day…… or 2!

Thats right, I said or 2….. meaning a complete weekend.
I can hear y’all thinking already :)

It would be the first ever 2 day TEST. Think about it….. I’ll have more very soon!!!!

Stay warm out there!!!