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Rob Howden

Man! I wish my kart would hook up like that! I have the same kart, but I’m 6.1″ and 210 lbs and my legs are shorter than my upper body, I’ve tried everything, seat position, high/low, closer to the axle, further from the axle, more tilted, etc, Higher air pressure on tires, you name it.

Rob looks really confy on that seat, and his arms are holding the steering wheel real nicely, looking really good all the way around. Is he closer to the front? or just my view? Please throw me a bone, so I can adjust mine better.

The older I get, the slower I am. At this point I’m just gonna change my name from FastFreddy to Slow old fart Freddy. Lol

The photo is coming through Tic-Tac-Toe at Sonoma, hopping the second curb. It’s Andy Seesemann’s personal kart and we have similar leg and body lengths. The kart felt so comfortable. Maybe he can provide some input on the seat position – he definitely knows his stuff.

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