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Ben Lewis

Ok I feel like the point is being missed here. Yes I know about Sonoma and I go there all the time. I also know about every track and series run in CA. This thread is for people who might be interested in showing up w/ their shifter for some more relaxed, fun, and cheaper racing at STOCKTON. All shifters right now are being run in the open class and as of the last race I was the only shifter in a field of 40-50! The point is I don’t want to have to pay the huge cost of a race weekend in any of the major series not to mention to get a legal engine package would be 3-5K alone. I know there are plenty of weekend warriors out there looking for a chance to dust off that 80 or 125 shifter (heck bring your Tags) and race without going through the huge cost to be competitive in the major series and chasing points.

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