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Walt Gifford

At your height and weight you won’t have to worry about chassis tuning. You just slam all the settings to make it as loose as you can and it will still be too tight with snap oversteer. You’ll be 25 lbs over weight for the heavy class which will hurt you on the short track and your height will be like an aero brake on the long track. Your vertical center of gravity will make you feel like an elephant on a roller skate and if someone taps you, you can easily go into a bone breaking flip. I’ve seen big and tall guys flip without hitting anything when they put a wheel wrong. Best bet, don’t run the spec tire, super hard tires first season, sliding is good grip will flip. I’m big and tall too but I get by with 40+ years of driving skill and I’m a jet mechanic so my equipment prep is excellent. Even so it’s extremely hard to win a race or run with the leaders (dangerous) unless there are special circumstances. I keep doing it (even though it beats me up physically) because it’s just so much dang fun and the people are great. If you’re ready for that reality welcome to karting.


FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
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