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Rob Howden

Hi William,

Welcome to the EKN Forums!

First and foremost, if you’re just getting into the sport and will likely run at Simraceway and/or Monterey, I would highly suggest starting the Briggs LO206 class. It will provide a low-cost entry into the sport, it’s easy on the body and the engine is bulletproof and reliable. The class is offered at both tracks. The LO206 class is growing in NorCal and you’ll have a ton of fun. If you decide you want to go quicker next year, your race package will have good re-sale value if you decide you want to move to a faster class.

As for buying a race package, go with Cambrian Karting. When you’re at the track, they’ll be there to help out with technical assistance. The online store does not offer trackside support, and you’re going to need it. And simply put, it’s a BIG positive to support a true brick-and-mortar support that spends its weekends at the track making sure its customers have what they need. We need more of that in our support. Buy from the people who are actually at the track when you need help.

Cambrian is a great shop, run by passionate enthusiasts of the sport, and they sell great products, including the LO206 engine package.

Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden