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Clark Gaynor Sr.

I like the idea for several reasons.

First from my standpoint, I’m a little older (68) and laying down in a kart seat just will NOT work for my old neck.  So the sit up seats are my only option.

It brings our 4 cycle sprint racing more in line with what the rest of the planet runs, eg: CIK style/homologated chassis’ and body work.  Including our Canadian neighbors. I also believe our west coast folks generally run CIK style karts in 4 cycle sprint racing as well.

There are a ton of used Tag and Yamaha sprint karts out there which can be had very economically.  Many allow mounting a LO206/Animal with no problem at all, and seem to work pretty well.

I realize many who currently have American style body work won’t like it, but I also remember road racing 125 shifters back in the early 2000’s.  Everybody ran the big nose, lay down seats, and narrowed the thing up so much they weren’t fun to drive.  Then they started the CIK body work, sit up seats, and 50 inch minimum rear width class— and EVERYBODY loved it!  No more nonsense with crazy bodywork, uncomfortable seats and hacked off rear axles!  Just take your sprint 125 off the sprint track and change the gear and go!

NOW, WKA have CIK LO206 in ManCup, Gold Cup AND Road Racing!

I like it…….. we sprint race AND road race.

Clark Gaynor Sr.