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Mark Traylor

What do I want to see change in karting? That is both a big question and a simple question. The sport needs to create balance and a healthy relationship between the club, regional and national level. National level should be smaller than the club level. We need consolidation of national series and reduction of national dates. You need to qualify at local levels to be able to move up to regional, and again for national. There are so many travel race series that people have no budget to run club level races. New racers are sold on the big show far too early. Sadly this is even starting with 206. I like the west coast KPX series. It has grown quickly but even that series is taking numbers out of the clubs in NorCal. The KPX series will have 20 206 cadets and the club race two weeks prior will have 4. We have too many racers moving to regional and national level races before they even achieve success in the club level. So in summary consolidation and reduction in national races, licensing, and local racing requirements to move up.

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