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Daryle Redlin

The only issue with claiming rules is that racers have a hard time accepting getting ” claimed”. As soon as you claim someones else’s engine you are now the bad guy. That in itself keeps most people from claiming. Its totally different if you are racing at a local oval track in a claimer class. In that situation the claim amount is usually really low ie.$500 and its expected that you will get claimed. In karting, I personally don’t think it will do much, I might be wrong but I don’t think its the best option. Just have solid, straight forward tech rules and enforce them completely. If your motor is out of spec you are DQ’d for the entire event and you are put on probation for the next event. You need to have solid tech however to make it all work. Good engine builders shouldn’t be penalized for doing a good job. If you want to spec the engines so they are all the same then spec all the parts right down to the same base gaskets etc. Personally I think it takes some of the fun out of racing but if you are that worried that its causing a huge problem then just spec and check everything.

Daryle Redlin