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Dan Schlosser

There wasn’t any general distaste for the Pipe. People didn’t stay away from WKA because they ran the Pipe, they stayed away because the kart counts were low. If people come back, it won’t be because they went back to the Can (that pretty much no senior runs outside of New Castle) it will because the events are better run and they are attracting more teams and drivers.

I support most of the WKA changes but this one is silly IMHO. If they cancelled every class that was down on entries, there would have been no series. Nearly everyone that runs the Pipe vastly prefers it to the Can. The only reason USPKS stayed with the Can was to be different than WKA – I pretty clearly remember the racers coming together and even going as far as to get some signatures to request that USPKS change to Pipe. Mark shot that down, not the racers.