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Rob Howden

Thanks for clearing that up Rob. Bummer that karting has become such a land grab for such a small island. We’re all in it together and when these splits happen we all loose. EKN is still my first click when I want my karting fix.

Howie…it’s just a land grab for the big spenders, about 3% of the community. That’s why you see lot of Briggs LO206 four-cycle, Yamaha KT100, road racing and industry news on the site these days. There’s loads of karting in the sport, and club and regional races with as many drivers at what’s in Vegas right now.

Heck, the finale at my local club had 140 drivers for a single day event, the Oktoberfest Grand Prix. I was slow and uncompetitive this time around, but I had a blast. And I’ll be back next year. #OperationGrassroots

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