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Kelly Read

First off, THANK YOU ALL for the compliments given both here and at the event. That makes all the work before, during and after well worth it!!!!!!

NOT ONE RED FLAG!!!!! GREAT job goes to ALL the racers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say that MR ROBBY and his associates had better have eyes in the back of there heads!!!!  PAYBACKS ARE HELL!!! That day will happen, GUARENTEED!!!!


As for NCM, they were very impressed with how well this WKA/KART event went. I was told by the track staff that we can come back there anytime !!!!


Robby who???. I think he was sleeping most of the time!! LOL. As for the rain, KART runs in the rain but keep in mind, there is rain and there is a down pour in which we don’t run in a down pour. Heck, our racers wanted on the track earlier then they did (idiots-LOL). I was hoping by putting the KART racers on the track that it would make it possible for the WKA racers to race in which it did. My understanding by some people on the wall that Jeremy Lightwine in the sprint 125 shifter class was only 8 seconds slower then he was on Saturday with a dry track.


I know it was over 300. KART themselves had 124 which was awesome in my mind!!!!

Again, from myself and I’m sure I can speak for everyone else that was behind the scene that made this happen, THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED AND SUPPORTED this event!!!