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Luis Soto

We are seeing a similar issue on my son’s Junior Rotax: There’s a huge delay, or lag between throttle application and engine response. If you basically “stand on it,” there’s almost a full second delay before the engine responds. Coming out of the corners, my son says he has to “roll” onto the throttle much more than before the upgrade, and then there’s “a lot of popping” 3/4 down the main straight at his home track – like he’s topping out. This is not how I understand the Evo is supposed to work (?). We have tried with the supplied 130 jet, 128, 122, 125 and 118, which is what’s in the carb now. His coach/mechanic is sure he grounded the wire in question as per the instructions. I thought the problem might be a faulty ignition coil, but some people I’ve talked to say it’s carburation. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance…