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Bryan, here’s a link      http://www.ebay.com/itm/3M-Helicopter-Tape-Save-Your-Kart-Graphics-12-Wide-any-Length-/111643496998?hash=item19fe789226&vxp=mtr

All you’ve gotta do is not get too closed to me, give me more room at the pit turn, horse shoe turn, and stay behind me the whole time

That way you wont have to worry about those cute graphics. Lol  Fast Frreddy.  :)

No, with all kidding aside, yeah I would use brake cleaner, carb cleaner or a rag with gasoline and rub on it a little bit, try not to over do it, just like TJ said, or else it will remove the clear coat and part of the color.

There is also a product out there designed to protect graphics, I think it’s called helicopter tape (clear tape ) Last time I checked on ebay, from a guy down in Orange county Cali. Hope that helps, buddy

P.S. The only graphics you’ll have to worry about with me is your front bumper ones, that’s of course if you get closed enough. Lol Sorry.  :) FastFreddy