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Shawn Fountain

I appreciate that Clark.

I’m about 2 & 1\2 hours from Summit Point WV, i’m a lot closer to Sandy Hook Speedway, up in Baltimore Md.

I bought this kart just to mess around on back roads (only paid $600.00 for the kart, electric stand and about $2,000.00 worth of extra parts) .  Former owner was a 61 year old school teacher that had his fill of the sport. Couldn’t put the money fast enough in his hands, ha.

There is a new development a few miles up the road from me, that has about a quarter mile of straight away, that leads to a cul – de sac. It also has a 3 level parking garage that is empty on the weekends.  Only thing that i’m leary about is that there is a police department credit union on the next street. Cops frequent there exclusively and just the noise level from me running through the gears in the drive way gives me pause from taking my kart back there.

I think us karters are dare devils, in a way. So, I know once I get my brakes seals put on and brakes bled, it’s on.

When I had my blata pocket bike, I would warm the tires up on the straight away, then run up and down the 3 level parking garage. That  bike was a riot to ride! Almost felt like Valentino Rossi, can’t imagine the adrenaline rush i’m going to get from this kart.

Will definitely attempt a track day in the future though.  Appreciate the offer.