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Tim Koyen

I would echo what Dave and Mark Jr. said.  At the time of conception, USPKS was offering significantly more track time, as well as other benefits, like cash payouts, a time specific schedule, etc.  Basically, the things most people thought were wrong with WKA, were addressed with USPKS.  The hope was that WKA would get the message that the product they were offering sprint racers was no longer what the racers wanted and they would make some changes, or at least there would be a series that was listening to the racers.  What we got was the best of both worlds.  USPKS went out and put on a great show, and WKA realized they needed to move forward and made great strides in their program.  Now there are two great programs, and hopefully they can both thrive.  A lack of competition breeds complacency, and that’s bad for everyone.  So yes, there isn’t much of a difference in laps anymore, but they still each have their own character and positives.